Foamiran Flowers

I'd love to share with you my latest love - Foamiran ( Foam ) Flowers,
give you some tips and answer the most common questions.
What is foamiran?
Foamiran is stretchy material (foam) 0,8mm or 0.6mm thick which look a bit like paper, easy to shape when warm. I mention the thickness as this is very important. This is special kind of foam dedicated to flower making.
It's not ordinary craft foam 2mm thick! Which you can buy in crafts stores with products for kids.
Foamiran flowers are handmade flowers made out of it.
You can buy foam in many colors (at the moment 22 colors available) :
 What kind of lowers you can make with it?
- You can make any color, any kind you wish as it's very easy to dye it,
and shape when the foam is warm.
What do you need to make a foamiran flower:
To make these flowers you will need a foam, iron, flowers centre - gem, pearl, button, anything you wish to stick in the middle, scissors and hot glue.  These are the basic.
I use a lot of white foam as it's very easy to dye it :)
Dye your foam with ink, pastels, sprays, chalk.

I also use dies as I make a lot of foam flowers and its much quicker with dies,
but if you use dies you need to have a die cutting machine.
You can cut petals with scissors.

Where to buy foamiran?
Foamiran, stamens, tools, flower cutting dies, inks, flower centres available
in Scrap & Craft, they ship worldwide.

Dies for flower making: 
You can use most of dies and punches to make flowers.
It's good to use dies and cut 4 layers of foam at once as it makes the foam thinner
and easier to shape.

How to make the flowers:
1. Cut out or die cut the flowers
2. Put on the medium hot iron, turn steam off.
3. After few seconds release from the iron fold and roll in your fingers until you feel that
the foam is really thin like a paper.
4. Unfold the flower and shape each petal.
5. For one flower you may use 2-3 layers of petals, stick them together with hot glue
6. Make a hole in the middle, put stamens through and secure on the bottom.

There is few techniques how to make flowers and few video tutorials on youtube,
here is mine:

Add silver finish to your flowers:

I love foamiran flowers and I make them very often:

 If you have any questions please leave a comment, I'll try to answer asap :)
Thank you!!!