Sunday 27 August 2017

Bouquets of pretty Flowers !!!!

Hello my dears, Suzi here with you today,
I'm sure that most of you know how much I love my Flowers when
crafting and adding them to cards/boxes/canvases/home decor etc.  Well I've had
a lovely few days using up some of my Foamiran and experimenting with various
dies and pastel oils.  Wallah!!!!!  Here is the end result.  

Shades of Pink

I started off with  2 sheets of White Foamiran 3 different dies, and three different shades of oil pastels.  I used various flower dies from my stash (which I have far too much of) 
to cut the shapes before moulding them to the required shape.
The flowers on the left are Salmon Pink,  the centre ones are pastel baby pink  
 and the flowers on the right are Raspberry pink.  I used mostly products from

Blues & Yellows

I used 1 sheet of White Foamiran and moved on to pastel lemons,
 blue and canary yellows for these flowers
Once again I used 

Golds & Lilacs

These two flowers are HUGE!! the die used is the largest Rosy Dot flower die
 designed by Aga C.  I used half a sheet of Foamiran and coloured the centres
 with Gold pastel oil and  some of the petals with pale lilac

White Poinsettias 

There was no colours added to these flowers, they are just perfect in white.

Hues of Blues/Pinks/Lilacs

Last but not least a mixture of colours using white Foamiran and pastel pink Foamiran.
I used  pale pink, lilac and blue oil pastels to colour them. 

Thank you so very much for popping in to visit,  I hope I've inspired you
to try Foamiran using  flowers dies which I'm sure you have in your crafty stash.


Products Used from:


  1. Hi Suzi thank you so much for the lovely inspiration you have given us today.
    I'm now addicted to foamarin as it makes wonderful realistic flowers.but I'm having problems colouring mine I think I bought the wrong pastels I've got soft pastels which doesn't put much colour down.
    Any advice what be great full.

    Debs Cards xx

  2. I've got soft pastels which doesn't put much colour down.